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3 Functional Outdoor Table Ideas That You Can Try On Your Own

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Having an outdoor space in such as a patio, garden, or even a yard in someone’s house is widely considered to be a blessing, as this means individuals and even families could do more activities such as playing outdoor games, enjoy an outdoor party, or simply relax with a cup of coffee after staying inside the house for hours. 

But an outdoor space would not be completely relaxing without an outdoor table where you could sip a warm cup of coffee with your relatives, drink an ice-cold bottle of beer with your friends, or even eat delicious food on your own. With an outdoor table setting, you and your friends and family could breathe and enjoy the cool breeze outdoors. This article will take a look at some of the outdoor table design ideas you could try doing on your own.

1. Outdoor Coffee Table

When you ask most people what their ideal morning would look like, they would often say that they prefer starting their day with a warm cup of coffee in their hand with the early morning sunlight touching their skin. With that, wouldn’t it be nice to create a small outdoor table where you could place your cup of coffee while savoring the moment in the morning? Outdoor coffee tables have always been a staple not just in homes but in other establishments as well, especially cafes. You don’t need to go to Costa Coffee to enjoy what it’s like drinking coffee on an outdoor coffee table though, nor buy an expensive one in furniture stores.

This is because while there are outdoor coffee tables that could be bought for cheap online or in other shops, there are also DIY tutorials on how to make outdoor coffee tables that you could find on the Internet. Many DIY outdoor coffee table designs found on YouTube, how-to blogs, and Pinterest have various designs, ranging from the simple flat coffee table with a rectangular or circular flat for that minimalistic look to the shiny and elegant coffee table with a mosaic tile top in it, showing different colors and shades. 

2. 2-in-1 Outdoor Table and Bar

Aside from drinking coffee early in the morning, drinking beer, wine, or any other type of alcohol is another activity that families and individuals prefer doing outdoors rather than indoors, although this activity is often done by friends and at any time of the day. If you are the kind of person who enjoys hanging out with a couple of friends or family members with a bottle of beer in your hand, then an outdoor table that could also serve as a bar would be a perfect addition to your home. 

A 2-in-1 outdoor table and a bar is not only cool and impressive but also practical and useful, as it has built-in storage for drinks and other condiments so that you would no longer have to back inside your home repeatedly while preparing drinks for your friends. And while it should never replace the good old indoor bar, an outdoor table and bar would be a great way to show off your bartending skills to your friends. You can find many tutorials on Google search and YouTube showing how to make an outdoor table that could also serve as a bar on your own. 

3. Outdoor Barbecue Table

Another popular activity that many families and friends do in the outdoor spaces of their homes is cooking and eating barbeque. Outdoor barbecuing is usually done on holidays, such as Independence Days, especially in Western countries like the United States and Canada, although people also do it on other special occasions across other parts of the world. That being said, an outdoor table where you could cook barbecue is a great furniture and DIY outdoor table idea if you enjoy enjoying barbeque while celebrating the 4th of July, or just the weekends for that matter. When it comes to the design of the outdoor barbecue table, there are many variations of it you could see on the Internet. 

Regardless of the diversity in design, an outdoor barbecue table should look simple yet functional. For one, an outdoor barbecue table needs to have a built-in grill on top of the table for cooking barbecue. Obviously, it would not become an outdoor barbecue table without a grill. Aside from the grill, many outdoor barbecue table designs also feature wheels on their legs so that the table could be moved anywhere and be used as a cart. Another important feature of the outdoor barbecue table is the storage shelf underneath that could be used to store things like plates and barbecue supplies. Finally, there should also be a space on the side of the table where you could hang utensils such as spatulas and tongs during and after barbecuing. 


The outdoors is a wonderful place where you could do various activities with your friends, family, or yourself. While the indoors of your home provide security and comfort, the outdoors provide enjoyment, fun, and a breath of fresh air, and just like solace and safety, these are the things that people need as well in their lives. Whether you prefer sipping a warm and delicious coffee on your own, drinking an ice-cold bottle of beer with your friends, or enjoying a hot and scrumptious barbeque with your family during holidays, these outdoor table ideas are not only easy to do, but they could also help make your time outdoors more convenient and worthwhile.

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