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4 Helpful Office Supply Storage Ideas You Need To Have

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Organizing your office supplies could be a daunting and hard thing to do. To start, there are a lot of items you would need to deal with, ranging from small items like paper clips and ball pens to endless piles of documents and other larger office items. But having an organized and clean office space means a lot. It does not only provide peace of mind, but it also helps you make sure that office items will not get lost suddenly. 

An office space with an organized office supply storage might increase your productivity and efficiency throughout the day. There are many ways to have your office supplies organized, from buying storage solutions to DIY storage item projects that you could find. This article will explain some office supply storage ideas that you can try out in your workplace. 

1. Use a Glass Jar or Mug

Sometimes, one of the best office supply storage ideas that you will find would involve the most mundane of things. If you are working at an office or even from home, chances are you will see a mug every so often. Maybe it’s a gift you received during your Christmas Party, or you bought it for yourself. Nevertheless, you can use these items to organize items in your office. 

You can use mugs to sort out small office items on your work desks, such as ball pens, pencils, paper clips, binder clips, and even scissors and tapes. If you don’t have a mug and buying is not an option, then that’s fine! Old glass jars of different shapes and sizes could also be used to sort out everything from ball pens and clips to business clips and tapes in your office. 

2. Construct Box Shelves

Just like those mugs, boxes are another mainstay of offices. They are often used to store office items that are not used too often, such as documents and the like. But did you know that boxes could be a good inspiration in creating a perfect storage item for your office supplies? If it seems unbelievable, then you may search for DIY instructions on how to make box shelves for your office decor. 

While this project could take an entire day to finish and could cost up to $100 depending on the supplies that you will use to craft the box shelves, these storage items are useful in storing various office items in your workplace, and it is also great if you are working from home and you have your own office space in your house. These box shelves could also be installed on a wall above your office desk for aesthetic appeal. 

3. Have Your Cables and Cords Stored and Organized

In an increasingly digital workplace, cables and cords are starting to become mainstream in workplaces, even if you are using a laptop instead of a desktop computer. Cables are among the things that could cause clutter on your office desk. Unorganized cables and cords don’t only look ugly and messy in our eyes, but they could also pose an electric hazard to you who will use the office desk for work, as they could be prone to damages, and therefore cause a lot of trouble.

Therefore, there are more than enough reasons to keep your cables and cords in your workplace organized. Cable organizers could be purchased in DIY stores as well as bookstores and they could be used to wrap your cables and cords and keep them stowed and tucked under your desk. There are also countless cable management hacks that you could find on the Internet that are worth trying. 

4. File Your Documents

Oftentimes, documents and other paperwork are often left messy in a workplace, waiting to collect dust or be thrown away by the wind. Hence, keeping them organized is the first and most important step in ensuring cleanliness and orderliness in your workplace. There are several ways to keep your files organized, but the most common method of performing this task is using a filing cabinet. While filing cabinets do not seem to add any aesthetic appeal to your workplace, they are useful tools in sorting out the various documents in your workplace. 

Aside from that, there are ways that you can try to design your filing cabinet. You can do this by using spray paint, adding new handles or designing existing ones, and color-coding the interior of your filing cabinet so that it would be easy for you to find your documents when you need them. 

In Conclusion

Except for the office supply storage ideas mentioned above, there are many more storage ideas that you can try to keep all the items in your workplace, no matter how big or small they are, properly organized. From purchasing cheap storage boxes to DIY projects found online, your options are almost endless. The only limitations that you have in getting a clean, beautiful, and unique workplace are your imagination and your determination. But regardless, having a workplace that is tidy and organized will not only give you peace of mind but will also motivate you to start your day right.

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