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5 Ways to Get an Ulta 20% Off Coupon

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Getting a 20 percent off Ulta Coupon feels like winning the lottery, but these “golden tickets” are hard to come by. We discovered some of the most effective methods for obtaining a 20% ULTA coupon, as well as advice for biggest savings.

A trip to ULTA is like Charlie Bucket entering Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory for beauty fans. Instead of a river of chocolate, ULTA’s shelves have a rainbow shimmer flowing over them. So, if you’re anything like us, a trip to ULTA is nearly always on your weekly must-do list. Having the most recent ULTA coupon on hand will help you stretch your beauty dollar reach.

Every beauty fan knows that using a 20% ULTA coupon is the best method to save money on cosmetics. Most ULTA coupons do not apply to prestige items, which are essentially higher-end beauty products. Prestige items, according to a ULTA sales worker, are any beauty product that can’t be found in a grocery or medicine store.

How to get a 20% coupon at ULTA

ULTA gives a small gem to its loyal customers twice or three times a year in the form of a 20% off voucher. What makes this so unique? Because upscale brands are not excluded from these 20% discount. During the last few months of the year and again in the spring, keep an eye out for one. ULTA offered one in their Christmas ad in 2020, and it was good for three weeks.

These are the five best ways to score 20% coupons at ULTA and when you can expect to see them:

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1. Get a 20% coupon by joining ULTA’s Ultamate Rewards

The first thing you should do is sign up for ULTA’s Ultamate Rewards programme straight now. It’s completely free to enrol, and you’ll get immediate access to the most recent ULTA deals, including 20% off coupons and notifications when new ones become available. ULTA also conducts Member Appreciation Days, during which you can obtain exceptional discounts, such as 20% off. Learn more about the Ultamate Rewards program and how it compares to Sephora’s rewards program.

2. Get a 20% coupon with an Ultamate Rewards credit card

You’ll get a 20% off coupon when you sign up for a new Ultamate Rewards credit card, which you may use on your first purchase. This discount is valid on all ULTA products. More information about the Ultamate Rewards credit card may be found here.

3. Get a 20% coupon with an Ultamate Rewards Mastercard

You’ll get 20% off your first purchase when you open an Ultamate Rewards Mastercard, which applies to all products. Plus, when you use the Ultamate Rewards Mastercard, you’ll start earning 2 points for every $1 spent at ULTA and 1 point for every $3 spent at other locations.

4. Get a 20% coupon to use on one qualifying item

This form of 20% off coupon isn’t as common as the one that gets you 20% off your entire purchase, but it’s still popular. The frequency with which you can obtain this coupon varies, but you should see it about five times a year (give or take). So, the easiest way to find out when it’s available is to sign up for ULTA emails and offers.

5. Get a 20% coupon on select items

The 20% off select items coupon is a bit hit-or-miss in terms of what it works on, and the selections change frequently. The coupon, on the other hand, is usually excellent for the items you want to keep on hand.

Other ways to get ULTA coupons

Other ULTA coupons with discounts of over 20% are also available. For example, $3.50 off a $15 purchase is just under 25% off, and those discounts can quickly pile up, especially when it comes to drugstore items.

Get an ULTA $3.50 coupon

If you’re making a smaller buy at ULTA, $3.50 off a $15 purchase is just under 25% off, presuming the total is approximately $15. The $3.50 coupons can be found online or in the weekly circulars, but they aren’t always available while other coupons (like the 20% off one item coupon) are in effect.

Get an ULTA $5 coupon

ULTA offers $5 off a $15 or $20 purchase on a regular basis throughout the year. When your purchase amount is about $20, it corresponds to a 25% discount. ULTA handed out a once-in-a-lifetime $5 off a $10 purchase coupon in December. If you didn’t get a chance to see it, make sure you’re signed up for ULTA newsletters since you never know when those delicacies will be available again.

Get an ULTA $10 coupon

The $10 off a $40 purchase coupon is actually a 25% discount. ULTA distributes these vouchers on a regular basis. It might be as broad as discounts on all ULTA products (with the exception of prestige items) or as specialised as discounts on haircare or skincare goods.

Sign up for emails and texts to get ULTA coupons

You’ll gain immediate access to special offers if you sign up for ULTA promos with your email address or phone number. You’ll also be notified as soon as a new offer becomes available.

Get ULTA coupons with the free ULTA app

Ulta 20% Coupon

Download the ULTA app for personalised content and a quick way to get ULTA coupons. The app keeps track of your ULTA orders, displays your Ultamate Rewards points, and alerts you when new ULTA deals and coupons are available.

Get ULTA coupons at Offers.com

Before you go shopping at your favourite beauty store, check Offers for the most recent ULTA coupons and promo codes.

More about ULTA’s 20% coupons

These are some answers to your most-asked questions about ULTA’s 20% coupon:

Is the ULTA 20% off coupon a one-time use?

Yes.There may be an exception that we are unaware of, but in our experience, the 20% coupons are only good for one purchase.

When does ULTA release the 20% off coupon?

Every three to four months, ULTA offers 20% off coupons, but Ultamate Rewards members receive them more frequently. It depends on whether you get 20% off your entire purchase or 20% off one qualified item. Regardless, the 20% coupons emerge more frequently at the end of the year.

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