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All about exposed concrete flooring

All about exposed concrete flooring

by Alsion Lurie

Home, office, or even footpath, great flooring is essential to have a great look. Exposed concrete is a way of flooring that uses concrete to produce various designs. They are aesthetically pleasing and can be a viable option for the long run. It is available in several patterns. And are formed due to various processes. It might be difficult for an ordinary person to comprehend all of this. So here is a detailed analysis of all that one needs to know about exposed concrete.

Important properties:

Exposed aggregate concrete offers some great features that make it ideal for flooring. They are known to handle large loads and do not easily crack under high pressure. They are also entirely leak-proof to be administered even during the presence of an underground pipeline. Durability is also an important factor when it comes to flooring. People know that concrete is one of those materials that last years without any additional maintenance.

Wide range of applications:

It is a known fact that one uses exposed concrete in almost every environment. One can incorporate it into any project, and it can provide satisfactory results. They are ideal for galleries, homes, and office constructions. They are also an excellent option for garages and warehouses. They are essential in space where heating is the main priority. They provide uniform heat throughout the room efficiently.

Exposed concrete application:

The application process is the most critical part and the part where most make mistakes. So here is all that one needs to do to get the perfect exposed concrete floor.

  1. The concrete used must have enough compression strength, a minimum of 32Mpa. It is imperative because if the concrete has low compression strength, there are chances of crack formation.
  2. One must restrain from using external agents. It includes curing agents and other agents that alter the properties of concrete. It must be administered if and only if it is necessary.
  3. One must use a hand or mechanical trowel to get a better output. It not only reduces air gaps. It also ensures that the surface is level.
  4. One should use an Edging trowel to cover the exposing edges.

Different finishes:

There are a variety of finishes when it comes to Exposed aggregate Concrete floors. Each of them provides a unique and professional look. But there are two main processes involved in making these finishes. They are:

  • Power floated method
  • Diamond polished method
  1. Power floated method:

One does the power floated method before the curing process begins. It causes it to form various designs on the concrete. This process is heavily dependent on the curing ability of the cement. After this, the polishing process is initiated, which gives it its novel look. 

2.Polished Diamond method:

As the name suggests, this uses diamonds to smoothen the rough edges of the surface. It is necessary if the floor is required to be shiny and smooth. In addition, it removes anything that is a few millimeters above the surface of the concrete.


Concrete is one of the most used industrial products around the world. It is so widely used because of its flexibility to be used on any surface. The best example of this is exposed concrete. It provides a wide range of options that are both beautiful to look at and are made according to industry standards. They offer great designs that one can create at an affordable cost. It makes them an attractive option for a wide range of customers. That is why exposed concrete floorings are the best and why they are unanimous when it comes to flooring.

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