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Bed Mats for Incontinence: Benefits and Care Guide

Bed Mats for Incontinence: Benefits and Care Guide

by Alsion Lurie

Incontinence products have made the lives of innumerable people more comfortable and more comfortable. People struggled before the invention of these products and experienced shame, unnecessary trouble. Thankfully, today there are both disposable and reusable options for incontinence products in Australia that help the sick and elderly lead a life of dignity and convenience. 

Bed Mats for Incontinence: Benefits and Care Guide

There are different disorders or kinds of incontinence as well. Some experience stress incontinence, where they urinate when they exert pressure by coughing or sneezing. Others may have experienced overflow incontinence. Whatever may be the cause, the right solutions to help with this situation are a necessity. 

Bed mat for incontinence:

A bed mat for incontinence is one of the most common and necessary products of all. The elderly and those who are sick and most often resigned to their beds. Incontinence, a lack of bladder control, is a common problem that numerous people face every day. 

 They are a waterproof layer of a sheet that can protect the mattress. In case one experiences a night-time accident. These are used both for babies and children to help during bedwetting. Similarly, adults also undergo the same, although it is less common. 

Different reasons cause bedwetting at night including, neurological issues, bladder disorders, medication side-effects, etc. 

Read on to find out the different kinds of incontinence products and how to use and take care of them.

Disposable or Reusable?

The debate over which is better is still unresolved. Disposable bed pads and reusable ones are available in the market today. The former is a single-use product. It offers the convenience of quick change and no extra labour involved to clean it. One can easily discard it after use. Reusable bed pads are comparatively more expensive than disposable ones. 

Sizing of Waterproof Bed Pads:

Like the beds it is used on, bed pads come in different sizes as well. 34’* 36” is ideal for a twin-size bed and is the most common size available. There are bed mats in smaller sizes that are useful on furniture, wheelchairs, etc. 


The role of the bed mat for incontinence is two-fold. They offer peace of mind and assure the user that there will be no damage even if there is an accident. They are comfortable bodywear that causes minimal discomfort. 

One can make use of them for the following purposes:

Bedside Toilets:

Commodes near the bed make things a lot easier. Underpads help to protect the floor under this. They keep the spillage from touching the floor. 

Protects Furniture:

Disposable bed pads are the most reliable option when it comes to protecting furniture. One can stick it to chairs, couches, wheelchairs, etc. Some of these products also come with adhesives that make it easy to attach them to surfaces. 

In the Car:

People with babies and adult family members who have incontinence dread car rides because of the risk of spillage accidents. No need to worry anymore about the expensive leather seats getting soiled; because bed pads protect them from leakage. No need to endure the pain of changing seat covers.

Bed Pads with Tucks/ Wings:

There are bed mats with wings available that prevent it from sliding off the bed. These additions on the sides hold the covering securely over the bed. These are just right for restless or the sleeper, who is a constant mover. One can rest assured that the ped pad will stay put and will not move around below the sheets. 

Among the many inventions that make life hassle-free, bed mats are a valuable addition. They prevent embarrassing accidents, are convenient, and offer peace of mind. 

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