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Convert Word to PDF

Convert Word to PDF: The 10 Benefits of Using PDF Files

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In the 1990s, sharing documents between operating systems and different computers could be highly problematic and challenging. This situation calls for the creation of a file format that would maintain fixed formatting. Thus, the birth of Portable Document Portable happened. Portable Document Format became widely known as PDF and had developed into one of the most popular and most commonly utilized file formats in various fields. The rapid development of the internet makes everyone’s job easier. However, the need to share documents using different software programs arises. PDF becomes a solution to this problem as well. With all of those mentioned, a lot of users prefer to convert Word to PDF. 

Why Convert Word to PDF?

Let us further discuss why you need to convert Word to PDF. What are the advantages on your end if you choose to use a Portable Document Format? Here are the 10 benefits of using PDF Files. 

1. Preservation of file format

With PDF, you do not need to worry about alteration or errors with your files once you share them. One of the common problems when sending a file in Microsoft word is the formatting. 

This simple issue can create confusion or misinterpretation, especially with documents used as correspondences among business associates, colleagues, or clients. The Portable Document Format will present your file precisely the way you created it.

2. Compatibility across different platforms

The Portable Document Format works on all the major operating systems which are currently in use. The compatibility means that whether you or a viewer is on Mac, personal computer, or the latest mobile operating system (OS), such as Android or iOs, the document can be easily accessed or viewed. 

 3. Security

You can protect your business files through a password. This feature assures you that your file will remain confidential the way you wanted to. There is a very low possibility for files to get infected with online viruses. Thus, making it the most trusted and secured means of sharing your work or documents.

4. Compact compared to other formats.

High-quality files are compressed to relatively small file size. This process is done without sacrificing the quality of the file. When you use a PDF, you save a lot of space on your hard drive and other storage devices. 

5. Compatibility with legal document requirements

In a court of law, specific requirements are needed for documents to be accepted as evidence. The court requires that no one cannot alter a document. In short, legitimacy and accuracy are highly required. A PDF format cannot be modified and commonly passed the requirements for legal documents. Still, ask legal counsel for more information. 

6. Integrate PDF elements with ease

This format makes it possible for you to maintain visually- appealing layouts. Also, it allows you to utilize links that can open up in the viewers’ web browser in case they are viewing the file on a mobile or computer device.  

7. Permanence

Due to its purpose, easy access and creation, and other benefits it provides, the Portable Document Format would not be obsolete soon. 

8. Easily create PDF from any source document or application.

The technology behind PDF allows users to change almost any document from any application to a PDF file.

9. Widely used

All around the world, PDF has been popularly used by many. The files which use this format are easy to view and share.

10. PDF Viewer is free

A PDF reader is for free! A lot of software like Acrobat Reader, being the most popular PDF viewer, will not cost you a single penny. You can download it for free, and you can open your files immediately.

How to Convert Word to PDF

1. Use a free PDF Conversion Website – Change Word to PDF using PDFBear

You can easily convert for free with PDFBear. Type its name on your browser, and it will direct you immediately to its page. You can quickly transform a document for free with PDFBear. Type its name on your browser, and the browser will refer you directly to its page. Choose the tool you need, for this case, Conversion – Word to PDF. It is user-friendly, and in no time, you can finish the conversion.

2. Use Microsoft Word to Convert Word to PDF

Versions of MS Word and Excel in Office 2013 and later features saving a file to a portable document without downloading a converter. 


There are plenty of benefits when you convert Word to PDF. Moreover, the Portable Document Format (PDF) was a great innovation that answered the problematic sharing of documents during the 1990s. It was able to make different software programs more usable for everyone. Moreover, through decades its usability and popularity remain consistent. It remains among the most reliable document formats utilized in the workplace, academe, and anywhere that digital communication is present. Lastly, you can convert Word to PDF in several ways; among the easiest is through an online converter like PDFBear.

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