Eat Fresh - Say No to Pesticides

Eat Fresh – Say No to Pesticides

Everyone has heard that eating “healthier” foods are “better” for them, but how many people really grasp why this is the case? What is the difference between a tomato purchased from a grocery store and a tomato via fresh produce delivery in Sydney (or purchased from a local farmer’s market)? Healthful eating has several advantages, and immune system boosts and better moods are simply the beginning of what you may get from it. MOre than 50% of the people in Sydney say that they eat a healthy diet but is it really healthy when the vegetables and fruits have chemicals?

Concept of Fresh Produce

The notion that fresh fruit is not a very nutritious food is impossible to argue with; yet, there are other downsides to eating fresh fruit, including being more expensive and having a shorter shelf life. Pesticides and hormones used in the creation of mass-produced foods, on the other hand, are among the most significant dangers associated with their use, according to research. Farms use pesticides to control weeds and insects; however, the same chemicals may be taken by consumers and must then be broken down and digested by the body. Was there a significant difference between a tomato bought at a grocery shop and one that was grown at home? The one from a neighbouring garden in Sydney has far more nutrients. Use of pesticides or other harsh chemicals is not required, and any fertilisers or repellents that are used may be controlled on a regional or even a municipal level.


But, if eating fresh, locally produced foods is so much healthier than eating processed meals, why is it that packaged foods are so widely available? The reason for this is that it is more convenient for the user. According to the manufacturers in Sydney, for every “all-natural” label, there are at least twice as many (if not more) alternatives that are less priced, more readily available, and come pre-seasoned or salted. After weighing the pros and cons, many people in Sydney have come to the conclusion that saving money and cutting down on the number of grocery store trips are more important than keeping a healthy eating routine.

The following are some of the benefits of consuming fresh produce:

  • It is always preferable to buy and eat fruits and vegetables that have been freshly harvested in order to ensure that no preservatives, chemicals, or colours have been introduced into your food and that is another reason why fresh produce delivery in Sydney is the way to go to ensure you get organic produce with no chemicals.
  • When food is left to ripen, its nutritional value declines; consequently, the sooner it is eaten, the more significant the number of nutrients that may be extracted from it.
  • It has a better flavour than anything else!

There are many reasons why packaged foods should be avoided, including the following:

  • The goal of chemical preservatives is to be added to foods that have been canned, bagged, frozen, or otherwise preserved to make them last longer in storage.
  • Among other reasons, these types of meals are often laced with additional ingredients such as hormones, colours, artificial flavours, and sweeteners, among others.
  • Because of the consumption of these substances, the digestive system has a more difficult time performing its activities properly. In addition to making the digestion process longer, chemicals that are alien to the body’s digestive system also inhibit actual nutrients from being digested. (This is also the reason why people get hungry more quickly after eating a healthy meal.)
  • The mainline is that if a substance has a high concentration of chemicals, it is not favourable to your health.

Interesting information:

A change in the chemical composition of food caused by microwave cooking makes it just as challenging to digest as food that has been loaded with preservatives and chemicals.

According to the Australian Dietetic Association, those who keep a regular diet that includes fresh foods will have more physical and mental vigour while also leading a healthier lifestyle in general. The next time you encounter a novel cuisine or meal idea, ask yourself which is more critical: meals that will last a lifetime or nutrients that will stay forever.

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