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Fix for “Bootrec/Fixboot access is denied” via Chkddsk Command

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Have you ever found yourself stuck before on a computer/laptop? If yes, you definitely are familiar with the frustration it carries with itself but, to resolve this issue-you got to be well equipped with the process to tackle this situation. 

Not tech-savvy? Still, it isn’t a problem as we’ve simplified the seemingly complex problem into tiny steps that anyone can follow, irrespective of the person’s cognizance of the computer operating system. 

Note: You can opt for multiple methods, but let’s stick to just one for now. 

Without further delaying, delving right into the solution of “How to Fix Bootrec Fixboot Access is Denied (Windows 10)”. 

Step 1: 

Don’t proceed further until you act on this crucial step. Create a backup for your files. You can follow any guide on the internet to follow the practices it involves. 

Once it’s done, now is the time to jump on to the next step. 

Step 2: 

Utilize the Troubleshoot option

As the name suggests, the process revolves around fixing the errors that aren’t obvious. This sets them on a default mode. Not just is it limited to that, but one has to perform specific commands.

Typing in the commands is pretty simple; the concept is to communicate with the system.

Step 3: 

There might be a problem with installing your Windows, and until you get to the real cause, it just won’t be fixed. 

Of course, there’s a command for that.

Step 4: 

You know the drill, even if you don’t let us be your assistance. 

  • Turn it off/on 2-3 times.
  • Choose Repair
  • Select Advanced Options
  • Select Command Prompt

That gets you where you’re supposed to be; this prompt is sort of a bridge that lets you pass on your message to the system directly. 

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Step 5: 

Not to worry about remembering a lot of commands, as this method comprises just a single command that not only is easy to remember but practical as well. It thoroughly examines if there are any issues with the windows itself and if there’s, it would be fixed. 

Copy the command mentioned below and paste it into Command Prompt.

chkdsk c: /r

It would take some time to process, so don’t shut down the PC/laptop when it’s running. 

Once completed, you’re good to go!

Note: You may have noticed that we’ve added “chkdsk c: /r” with a “C” in there; this C signifies the disk where Windows are kept. It may vary from person to person, so don’t follow the instructions blindly. Make sure you comply with this set of instructions, as it’s overlooked more than often. 

Final words

Errors and denials in the machines are absolutely normal, so if you’re worried about it. We assure you that it’s not a big deal because you don’t have to look out for a technician or a computer programmer to sort it out. “Bootrec/fixboot access is denied” error is common in Windows, and users are found discussing this. It’s something that can be dealt with at your own place without you hiring any professional. 

The guide is thorough and focuses on even the minute steps one needs to take. We hope you get your issue resolved, and do let us know if it’s been a valuable addition. 

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