Goose Down Quilt: 6 Reasons to Make the Purchase  

Goose Down Quilt: 6 Reasons to Make the Purchase  

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep, and after a day’s stress and exhaustion, you deserve the best rest. For this, while putting together your bedroom, add in a goose down quilt. Why? They are simply luxurious and comfortable. 

So if you are looking for warm and cosy comforters to snuggle and sleep, down doonas are excellent. And compared to feather quilts and duvets made of other materials, goose down bedding guarantees to give you the best sleep experience. So, here are six reasons why you should buy them:

  • Highest Fill Power 

For a quick recap, fill power determines the ratio of a material to its weight. And as the fill power increases, lesser material is required to fill up space. So with goose down, only a little needs to be filled, giving you the lightest beddings. As such, the Hungarian goose down is something to keep an eye out for when it comes to luxurious comfort. 

  • Lightweight 

Ever fantasised about sleeping in the clouds? Then, a down quilt is the closest approximation that you can find. Since the goose down filling is highly breathable, the duvet keeps you at a comfortable temperature all year round. 

The light filling means you get the comfort of a duvet without feeling smothered in your sleep. And despite the weight the duvet may seem to carry, the high fill power of the material allows air to circulate in the bedding, making you feel all the more comfortable. 

  • Away With Moisture 

Since the material is a natural wick, the moisture it absorbs from the surrounding bodies evaporates soon. As a result, you get to enjoy cool and dry quilts. Thanks to this characteristic of down, the user feels aerated in the summer heat and warm in the winter chill. 

However, the wicking nature of goose down is only useful when the fabric of the quilt facilitates the function. As such, high thread count cotton and silk are usually the best pairings with goose down filling. 

  • Hypoallergenic

Most people are allergic to something, from dust to pollen and spores. While the allergen may not have direct access to your room, anyone can bring them to your place. And when they do, your pillows, duvets, and sheets hold on to the allergens, giving you various reactions, starting with a strong sneeze. 

Fortunately, goose down has natural hypoallergenic properties. Since the material is designed to keep the birds protected from microbes in nature, you get the same benefit. As such, all the agents that cause allergies are expelled by goose down, saving you from rashes and non-stop sneezing.        

  • Easy Maintenance 

While putting together your home, the aim is to build a space where you can unwind. Yet, most people spend most of their free time keeping their place in the best shape. And with goose down beddings, there is no need to overexert yourself to keep it clean. The material does not retain dirt, so you only need to wash it once every few years, maybe annually, if you are highly prone to allergies. 

  • Only the Best for You

Self-care applies to various areas of life. You can focus on complex beauty regimens, but getting quality sleep ranks high regardless. This is why you need a goose down quilt and pillows to pamper yourself every night. And compared to synthetic fillings and feathers, goose down offers a different class of cosiness. 

In conclusion, if quality and comfort are your highest priorities, there is no reason why you should hesitate to purchase these quilts. 

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