How To Choose Your Earring? – Earring Buying Guide.

How To Choose Your Earring? – Earring Buying Guide.

Are you planning on buying earrings for yourself or your loved one? If you are confused about what to keep in mind, you are at the right place!

A range of earrings is available in the market, such as gold earrings, silver, platinum, or diamond earrings. And it is best that you know about the top factors to remember and know while you shop for the best ever earrings. Read on. 

Check the face shape.

One of the biggest factors to keep in mind – is the shape of your face. If you go for earrings that are opposite the shape of your face, you are good to go! In this way, the best parts of your face will be in the perfect view and emphasized. Plus, the portions that are not the best will not be that visible. 

Here are the shape-wise descriptions of the earring shape that suits you in an ideal way:

Elongated face

The fact of the matter is that shorter earrings can be responsible for making your face look even shorter. But in case you have a narrow face and a longer one, you can go for short earrings that are wide. 

By choosing such earrings, your face will be both shorter and broader in appearance! Also, ear studs work well for elongated faces ranging from shapes of triangles to squares. It would be best if you avoided an elongated shape earring, though. 

Round face

Round face people generally look for ways to make their faces look vertically elongated. In such cases, pick the earrings that have an elongated shape. Not just that, you can also look for square-shaped diamond earrings to nullify and soften the features of a round face. 

The best advice would be to avoid stud or round-shaped earrings because they come with an accent effect and will make your face look even more round. 

Oval shaped face

If you have an oval face, you will most likely have foreheads that are almost as wide as your cheekbones. Your face will narrow down, from your cheeks to your chin, eventually building an oval shape. 

The best part of having an oval face is that almost all the shapes of earrings will suit you comfortably. Additionally, a strong recommendation will be to go for oval-shaped dangle earrings to further accentuate the face.

Heart shaped face

Another familiar face shape is the heart-shaped face amongst women all over the globe. These faces will have a forehead that is way wider than their cheeks; plus, the cheeks will taper down immensely to the chin. 

If you or a loved one has a beautiful heart-shaped face, earrings that have elongated lines and curves would be really nice. Such earring shapes will balance your face and highlight the cheekbones, jawline and eyes. 

Choose earrings according to hair colour and the length 

While there are no fixed rules regarding the earrings you should choose with respect to your hair colour, there are a few suggestions that you could follow. 

For instance, if you have hair in golden or blonde shades – you should preferably go for gold earrings over others like silver or platinum.

Wrapping Up

Buying earrings made from rich metals is an expensive deal. It is best to look at all the features before you end up investing in these. Thus, go through these aspects of narrowing down on earrings, and you will surely find something good for your taste.

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