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How to Fold Square Sock Military Style

There’s a new way to fold square sock, and it’s called square folding. This innovative method of sock folding makes them seem nicer and keeps them from becoming wrinkled or tangled. It takes only a few seconds to complete and is very simple to follow.

The square sock may be used for a number of purposes. It keeps the square socks together, makes them easy to organize, and eliminates tangles and creases that can develop when socks are unfolded without a square. Furthermore, square socks are easier to locate in a large drawer!

How to Fold Square Socks

1) Take two Square socks of same size. With the bottoms facing up, stack them on top of each other.

2) Fold one of the sides (A) in half and tuck it under the other (or behind). Step 2 must be performed on the opposite side (B). The first square fold is now finished.

3) Continue the fold by pulling down on one horizontal corner (C) while pushing up from below the square with your opposite hand.

4) The sock has now took on a square form. Step 3 should be performed on the opposite diagonal corner (D).Your socks are now neatly folded and ready to be stored away!

This new method of folding socks is gaining popularity due to its benefits. It’s quick and simple, and it keep creases and knots at bay. Give square socks a try today and discover how they may make your experience a little easier.

Best store and organize Square sock

It’s helpful to have a storing and organizational system in place before we show you how to fold socks. If you throw your perfectly folded socks into one drawer at random, you’ll wind up with a tangled mess by the time laundry day comes. What is the best way to keep and arrange your socks? The sock fairies have given us with some of their best advice:

Clear out old socks: If you’ve recently stocked your sock drawer with a variety of spring-themed ankle socks for women, you’ll need to clear some space before you can get organized. Remove any socks that seem to be worn out from your drawer. Look into methods to repurpose old socks before discarding or giving them if you find an old sock with a cool pattern.

Find an organization method that works for you: If you want to keep your funny knee high socks in a drawer separate from your regular work socks, go ahead! It’s ideal if you really want to organize your clothing by color or how often you wear them. You’ll be more likely to stay organized if you do what makes sense for your everyday routine.

Use sock drawer separators: If you don’t already have one, you must consider investing in this simple yet amazing idea. A sock drawer divider can protect your Square socks from being jumbled and will make staying organized much easier.

Avoid creating tension: You need a break after being on your feet all day, right? Likewise, your socks! When learning how to fold Square socks, resist the urge to add a step that might cause tension in your socks. That means no tying them together and no tight balls. If you treat your favorite pairs of socks with the respect they deserve, they will last much longer.

The Square Sock Method

The square method comes next. We’ll confess that this method gets a lot of flak on the internet for being overly time-consuming, but bear with us. If you’re packing for a trip and can’t fit your socks in a nice little box like the KonMari Approach, the square method comes in handy. The more you practise, the faster it will go!

Here’s how to hold socks using the square method:

  • First, lay one square sock vertically with the heel facing up, and then place the mate horizontally over the vertical sock, with the heel facing up as well. Your socks should now be in the shape of a cross.
  • Fold over the toe end of the bottom sock before tucking it underneath the horizontal sock.
  • Fold the cuff over. Then repeat the process with the other sock. Take the toe end and fold it over, tucking it below. Fold the cuff over once more.
  • You should have a square sock with two bulging cuffs now. Take one of the cuffs and tuck it inside the sock’s fold.
  • Repeat with other cuff, and you’d have it! You should now have a maintenance clothes tips.

While it may not seem like a big deal to use the right folding method for the right occasion, folding your socks improperly can result in overstretching, which can cause even the best square sock to become deformed and uncomfortable over time.

Folding your socks properly, whether they’re cheap cotton gym socks or pricey silk dress Square socks, can help them last longer and keep you looking smart.

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