Maternity Activewear Buying Guide Every Pregnant Woman Needs to Know 

Maternity Activewear Buying Guide Every Pregnant Woman Needs to Know 

Today’s mums-to-be are always looking for ways to stay active during their pregnancy. With the go-signal from their doctors, they continue their exercise routines to keep their bodies strong in preparation for the strenuous activities they need to face during labour, delivery, and childcare. But since they need to adjust to their changing bodies, they need to invest in maternity activewear. Wearing pregnancy tights let them move better without sacrificing their comfort. 

Maternity Activewear Buying Guide Every Pregnant Woman Needs to Know 

Buying maternity tights is not like the typical activewear that you wear before you get pregnant. If it is your first time purchasing this type of activewear, here are several buying tips that you need to keep in mind. 

What is maternity activewear? 

Since the body often changes during pregnancy, you will face plenty of challenges while wearing ordinary outfits like activewear. For example, the growing belly usually gets painful marks from waistbands that dig tightly on the skin or cause elastics to roll down the belly area. 

Wearing inappropriate activewear will make you feel uncomfortable while working out. It may also cause plenty of discomfort, especially in the belly area. So if you are looking for the right pregnancy tights to wear during your exercises, you need to ensure that you will get ample support in all the right places.  

The Basics of Maternity Tights 

One of the most common activewear that expecting women invest in is pregnancy tights. It is a type of leggings that are created to accommodate the expanding belly. It is also designed to provide comfort for women during one of the most challenging days of their lives. This garment can be worn under or over your growing bump, depending on its waistband. 

When looking for the right maternity tights, you need to look for one made using a stretch fabric combined with lycra, elastane, or spandex. It will give you the freedom to move during exercises. The wide waistband can also serve as a belly and decrease the discomforts of carrying a heavy baby in the tummy. Also, the shape retention and stretch of the fabric used in making this garment will help retain the position of the tights on your belly. It means that you do not have to worry about falling waistbands while in the middle of your exercise routine. 

How to Buy Maternity Tights 

When buying a pair of tights for pregnant women, you need to determine the types of activities that you plan to use them for. It will let you know the characteristics of the garment that suit your needs. 

If you plan to do a lot of running or working out at the gym, you may choose the tights created with nylon, polyester or elastane/spandex components. These items are also best to wear as a pregnancy support garment because they provide the best compression. 

You may also choose among the numerous styles and designs of maternity tights in the market. One of the safest and most wearable ones are plain black tights that look great no matter what you pair them with. But if you want something brighter or more attractive, you can invest in khaki, charcoal, or navy blue pregnancy bottoms. 

Buying pregnancy activewear like tights will allow you to continue your exercise routines while carrying a baby in your tummy. But before doing any physical activities, it is a must to talk to your doctor first to know if you are safe to exercise during the different stages of your pregnancy. 

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