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Personalised Video Marketing: A Trending Tool to Boost Customer Engagement

Australia has seen a 3.8% (87,806 businesses) increase in businesses over the past year. It currently has a total of 2,402,254 businesses actively trading in the country. Many of these businesses do not survive in the competitive market as they do not tap into the online consumeristic trend growing today. Over 80% of the consumers are likely to shop online with brands that recognise them as valuable individuals and provide offers and recommendations accordingly.

An average person spends over 84 minutes watching online videos every day, including audio, video, photos and interactive ads. With users consuming so much content, businesses require video tech for corporate sales to maximise their reach and engagement with potential customers.

What Are Personalised Videos?

Everyone likes feeling special and well-tended to their needs. Therefore, adding personalised details like the viewer’s name, company or photo in a personalised video is a great way to engage them. Personalised videos are advertisement and marketing tools that the companies can customise for each viewer. They are not like the mass marketing videos that play on YouTube or TV that companies use to address potential customers commonly. They also do not mean to produce separate videos for each customer. They can create a common video and personalise it using a personalisation software or platform. It allows them to use the same video for multiple recipients but has customisable fields to insert personalised elements. Businesses can achieve this by consulting agencies that provide video tech for corporate sales where experts can design the perfect marketing videos.

Who Can Personalised Videos Address?

A personalised video can reach thousands of people yet provide them with the feeling that it was made for them from scratch. It can take potential customers by surprise and increase the chances of engaging them just because it addresses them. Businesses can also customise personalised videos to address a group such as a company, an office or an industry by including their company logo, name or text points that address their particular needs. Personalised videos can be used to address existing customers, new customers, company clients, partners, subscribers, employees and more.

What Are the Benefits of Using Personalised Videos?

In the current world, every individual receives thousands of marketing messages and has campaigns thrown at them every day. It is getting more difficult for salespersons and the marketing team to stand out in the market, keep the recipients engaged interested and build lasting relationships. So, what makes personalised marketing stand out?

As the award-winning Dale Carnegie mentioned, “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” Treating each prospective customer as an individual with particular needs can help businesses create a better connection. Using personalised videos can increase email conversations, boost sign-ups and event attendance, and improve customer satisfaction. They also break through the noise, increase click rates, create more engagements and build special relationships. 92% of the markets use personalisation in some form or the other and have seen a significant increase in engagement and sales over time.

Where Can They Send Personalised Videos?

There are no hard and fast rules about when, where and how businesses send personalised video marketing content to customers. They can practically improve their performance, gain results at every stage of the marketing funnel and achieve customer success. Some of the most efficient modes to incorporate personalised video tech for corporate sales include:

  • Email marketing for event invites, product announcements, nurture emails, terms of service.
  • Web conversations
  • Customer service feedback

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