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Top 30 Data Analyst Interview Question and Answers

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Data Analysis is the method of converting the data for useful information so that a conclusion can be derived or a decision can be made from it. This is used in every field for different purposes. Nowadays the Data Analysis is high in demand globally. If an individual has a career in the Data Analysis, then one has to go through the interview. Candidates should atleast have knowledge from primary to the high level data analysis. Listed below are some of the interview questions for data analyst which will help them to prepare for the interview and be confident enough that they will pass the interview.

Some question and answer for the data analyst

1. What are the responsibilities of the Data Analyst?

There are many responsibilities of Data Analyst. Some of them are listed below:

  • They are used to provide support to all the data analysis and have coordination with customers and staff as well.
  • They usually solve the business problems for the respective clients.
  • Identification of some new process for the better improvement is done by them.
  • Analysing, recognising and explaining the patterns in a complex set of data.

2. What are the requirements to become a data analyst?

The requirements to become a data analyst is that one should have knowledge on reporting package (Business objects), Programming language (XML, JavaScript), databases (SQL). Candidate should also have the technical knowledge in the designing of database, data model and data mining. The statistical package which is used to analyse large sets of data (Excel, SAS) is the field on which they should have strong knowledge.

3. Define Data cleansing.

Data cleansing is usually the method of identification and clearing all the errors from the data in order to increase the quality of data.

4. Mention the 6 steps that are indulged in the analytics project.

The six steps which are involved are as follows:

  • Definition of a problem
  • Exploring the data
  • Preparation of the data
  • Modelling
  • Data Validation
  • Implementing and tracking

5. What is logistic regression?

Logistic regression is the method which is statistical in nature and is used for examining the set of data which has one or more independent variables which are used for defining an output.

6. Name some of the tools which are used for data analysis.

The tools which are used for data analysis are Tableau, NodeXL, Google Search Operators, OpenRefine, Google Fusion Tables.

7. What are the problems which are faced by the data analyst?

There are many problems which they face every day. Some of them are listed below.

  • Misspelling, which is a common mistake
  • Missing the values in a program
  • Duplication of the entries
  • Identification of the data that are overlapped
  • Illegal value

8. What is the name of the framework which is being developed by Apache that is used for processing the set of data which is large enough for an application in an environment of distributed computing?

The programming framework which was developed by Apache and is used for processing the large data sets are Hadoop and MapReduce.

9. Mention the missing patterns which are observed usually.

The missing patterns which are observed usually are as follows:

  • Missing completely which is at random
  • Missing which depends on the values that are being missed
  • Missing which is dependent on the unobserved variable that is inputted.
  • Missing at random

10. Explain the method of KNN imputation

In KNN imputation, the attribute values that are missing are imputed by using the attribute values that are mostly similar to the attributes whose values are missing. The similarity of two attributes is determined by using a distance function.

11. Data analysts use some data validation methods. Mention those methods.

The methods being used by data analysts are the Data Screen and verification of data.

12. What are the steps that can be taken to deal with the multisource problem?

The steps that can be taken to deal with the problems are as follow:

  • The Schemas can be restructured so that it can be accomplished as a schemas integration.
  • Identification of similar records and then merging then into one single record that should consist of all the applicable features without any repetition.

These are some of the questions which would help to pass the interview of Data Analyst.

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