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TOP 5 APPS IN 2021

TOP 5 APPS IN 2021

by Alsion Lurie

HI everyone, hope you are doing well , Today I am going to share one of amazing article in our site for our readers, which is one of best apps of 2021 hope you will surely like it.

TOP 5 APPS IN 2021



  • This application is developed by Fouad Mokdad. It is a whatsapp MOD which provides you to chat with your contacts. There is a possibility to use two whatsapp account in a single phone. it have different visual themes over 4000 which is created by the community to modify the interface. it is totally safe to use as there is no news about its malware problems.
  • You can pin up 100 chats at Fmwhatsapp. You can even make selective peoples to call you. But privacy is not guaranteed the developer can see all you’re sent and received messages. And speed is also slow if you will compare to original whatsapp. Even you can Fmwhatsapp apk download file from any website or from our link



  • it is created by Kevin systrom and mike krieger. it is considered to be the best social media platform because it’s visual, simple, attractive for the younger generation more than the other social media platforms. Instagram photos can be directly posted to facebook, twitter etc. it is helpful for buisness as it can connect to your followers/customers directly.
  • it provide a lot of features such as filters for photos, going live, video creating, IGTV and also hashtags. You can off your activity status too. it provide a sharing option that can be seen by your choose closed ones.
  • Netflix- it is an American content platform. Netflix is a streaming service that offers a wide range of shows such as TV shows, award winning shows, web series, movies and many more on a internet-connected device while offline you can watch downloads. you can sign in multiple-compatible devices. once you are subscribed you can enjoy unlimited documentaries, shows and web series.
  • Netflix is not “NETFLIX ORIGINAL” with bonus content and deleted scenes which may you find in home releases such as DVD, Blu-ray. Even the i-tune subscribers can have special features. it is subscribed by huge number of people/teenagers.


  • it is a multinational company based in Seattle, Washington, that focus on e-commerce. It is so successful because it provides you the best customer experience you will ever find. it have always tried making things as user-friendly and seamless as possible which needs efforts. it have product more than 3 cores online in this modern world. it has the best return policy and payment methods. you can even search products with your mother tongue language which is so amazing! . it provides products on low cost and best offers and ease of shopping. Free shipping too.



  • A Google owned online video platform. Every minute, each day hundreds of hours of video content are uploaded on it. It is free of cost no subscription needed to use. it is very helpful especially for students. and a way through which students/teenage can earn. everyone can upload videos by creating a account/or singing in. It has a lot of features such as better live streams, improved contents, subscriber notifications etc. video can be spread far and wide very easily for this you don’t need a huge budget. it have millions of subscribers which makes it so popular.

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