Top Online Tools to Count of Sentences in Text

Writing is one of those daily activities that has a serious impact on user interaction in both offline and online world. In the online world, the users have to write several sentences and commands while interacting with different types of tools. Similarly, the users will also use different applications and online platforms for writing articles and reports.

Therefore, maintaining the format of this writing and allowing the users to customize the final report according to their requirements is an important factor. Counting the total number of sentences in a given article is one of those basic features that every writing tool or application must provide. However, in the absence of such a facility, the users can use multiple online tools that specialize in this aspect. In this article we are going to discuss the best free online sentence counter currently available on the web.

We will also discuss the various use case scenarios when the developers or users might need to count the total number of sentences in an article or a report.

Need to Count the Sentences

Writing is an important part of the business industry. The writers cannot simply spell out words to create an article and release it for final verification purposes. It is very important to ensure that the written data is devoid of any errors and is able to convey the message. The basic way to accomplish this goal is with the help of multiple formatting and customization options. Counting the total number of words or sentences in an article is a basic step towards achieving this goal. Many developers might argue that Microsoft Word is a commonly used software that already has all of these features available. However, we must consider certain scenarios when the users might not have the software installed on their system. In such a case they might need to use multiple tools as a sentence counter.

Advantages of an Online Sentence Counter

Before we discuss some of the best online tools to count the number of sentences in a text, let us understand some of the major benefits of using these tools:

  • These tools are very fast and accurate. Most of the online sentence counter tools that are currently available provide accurate data related to the text. Moreover, the real time data analysis feature helps them to quickly display the final result.
  • The online sentence counter tools are very versatile. This means irrespective of using them for counting the total number of sentences, the developers can also use them for multiple other purposes. For instance, these tools can check the readability of the text, count the total number of words, syllables and also check for major grammatical errors.
  • Most of the present online sentence counter tools support almost all the popular languages that are currently spoken. This means the developers will not face any form of linguistic barriers while using these tools.
  • Since all the functions are conducted online, the developers do not need to download and install any third-party application on their system. This also means that they can perform the testing purposes from anywhere in the world.
  • Most of the current sentence counter tools can access multiple documents at the same time. This means that the developers can check the grammar and format of more than one document at the same time.
  • All these tools will provide a real time feedback to the users and developers. This means you will be able to verify the quality of the text while you’re typing it.
  • Many experts believe that a real time sentence and word counter helps to motivate the writers in case of long projects. This is because this data helps you to maintain a progress bar and sets a goal that you aim to achieve.

Best Online Sentence Counter Tools

As we already discussed in the earlier part of this article, there are thousands of sentence counter tools that are currently available on the Internet. However, there are also certain tools that somewhere fail to stand up to the expectations of the end users. So, it’s almost impossible for a developer or a customer to verify the functioning of all of these tools and then make a decision. To help in the decision-making process, we have gone through almost all the popular names in this segment and created a list of the top ones:

1.LambdaTest Free Online Tools

LambdaTest is a popular name in the automation testing industry. It is a cloud platform that helps the developers to verify the cross-browser functioning of modern web and mobile applications. Cross browser compatibility is the process of verifying that the web and mobile application maintains user satisfaction irrespective of multiple changes in device version, operating system or the browser specifications.

LambdaTest supports multiple automation frameworks like Cypress, Playwright and Selenium. Using LambdaTest, the developers can also ensure that their local webpages are also cross browser compatible. This platform helps to improve the efficiency of automation test cases by almost 10 times with parallel testing. Parallel testing is the process of executing different testing configurations at the same time.

LambdaTest generates highly accurate final Test results as it combines multiple reports from thousands of emulators, simulators and also hundreds of real devices present on cloud servers.

LambdaTest free tools is an online service provided by this platform. It comprises a set of tools that provides certain necessary data for testing the user interactivity on multiple web applications.

Some of the interesting features offered are random credit card number generator and sentence counter. All these features are useful while the developers are ensuring that the final application can handle different sets of user inputs. While using the sentence counter tool provided by LambdaTest, the developers can also verify the total number of words and individual characters present in a sentence. It is a completely free to use service. The UI of the web page is also devoid of ads and popups to maintain the utmost level of user interactivity.

2.SEO Tools Centre

The term SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of improving various parameters of a web application to ensure that it gets higher priority in search engines like Google. Using these parameters, the developers can also improve their ranking in multiple search results. SEO tool center is one such online platform that helps the developers to verify that their text can stand up to these requirements. Other than counting the total number of sentences present in a text, the developers can use it to check the readability, presence of passive voice, complex sentences and other important grammar parameters. It also assigns a score according to the readability and ease of access of the text. This data is highly essential for writing the text present in a web application.

3.Made in Text

Made in text is an online service that provides all the necessary features for verifying the quality of a text file. Using this online service, the developers can count the total number of sentences present in an article. The real time data analysis feature helps to understand the quality of the application on the go and make necessary changes as soon as possible. The developers also have the option of copying text from a different word file and pasting it on this website. However, the only possible downside to this feature is that the text file is limited to 1000 words at a time. This means that developers have to cut the total data into multiple parts for verifying its format in case of a large text file. It also helps the developers to make necessary modifications to the text file for further improving its customization.

4.Character is a very simple and easy to use online website for counting the total number of sentences present in a text file. People with almost no technical knowledge can use this website because of a simple user interface. The only downside of this website is that other than counting the total number of sentences in a sentence, it does not provide any other editing features. This means that developers have to use another software tool or online service for making other basic changes in the text file.

5.Seo Magnifier

SEO magnifier is another online service that helps the developers and writers to ensure that the text file is SEO compatible. It provides all the basic features and options that are required to provide a search engine optimization check on a text file. The developers can also use this tool to check the proper format and grammar construction on multiple documents at the same time. However, a major downside of this tool is that its revenue is dependent on the ads that are short on the web page. The ad revenue is so significant that the users cannot access this web page when the system interface detects an add blocker. The company claims that the revenue earned from ads is completely used to manage the website and ensure that it remains free to use.

So, the developers must keep this irritative interface in mind before accessing this page. However, a positive side of this tool is that the company guarantees that they do not store any document data. This means that all data will be immediately deleted after the completion of the testing phase. The users will also get an option to manually delete their data. This is a very important step towards maintaining data privacy and user security.

Users can search in multiple forums to check for reviews before using any online service. These forums consist of honest reviews from people who are currently using these tools.

The Conclusion

So, we can conclude that sentence counter tools are an important part of the project development process. An application development company will find these tools useful when they’re developing the test plan for the application development lifecycle. Moreover, it is also important while devising various strategies for improving the business perspective of an application. It is very important for the developers and users to understand that there are some minor differences between all the tools that were listed in this article. So, it is important to understand your requirements and choose the correct tool accordingly. It is also a wise decision to choose such a tool that not only helps to count the total number of sentences but also helps in other aspects of the development project.

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