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When Kim Kardashian flew a plumber from Germany to the United States, the world collectively sat back and marvelled at this excess. But guess who is probably sleeping well at night without having to worry about a blocked sewer pipe? Of course, one would snap at how not everyone cannot afford a plumber like that.

Now, the reality is far removed from this assumption. Sydney is now swarming with qualified plumbers sworn to fight (or fix) a blocked sewer pipe. Finding professional help at affordable rates for dysfunctional pipes is now easier than ever. While one cannot be Kim K, one can avail German trained professionals to fix their pipe!


The spectrum of services within the scope can range from relining pipes to drain inspections. But a cursory level of understanding can help put both the professional and customer.

Relining Pipes

Blocked sewer pipes from overgrown tree roots are a frequent nuisance for the folks of Sydney. Any bloke’s simple solution to this would be to uproot the tree. Dig up the premises and force normalcy. All this hassle would have been worth it if the root had not regrown in a matter of months. Pipe relining fixes exactly that. Using thermally insulated and climate controlled raw materials that would last 30-40 years is a deal. The cutting edge technology involved ensures that the relining will run for a length and bend in different angles.

Pipe Patching

Alternative to pipe relining, patching will help in fixing small cracks and leaks in the pipe. Although cheaper, it is advisable to reline the pipe if the damage is widespread. This will be understood after clearing the obstruction, followed by a visual scan of the damage and deciding on damage repair.


In places where pipes connect, it is not surprising to find leaks, cracks and dislodgement. These junctions are often inaccessible under landscaping and cement. But unbeknownst to many, there need not a whole lot of digging required for a junction repair.  Clearing out the debris and visual inspection are the first steps. This determines the size and damage. A packer is inserted into the junction and inflated to match its shape. Then circulated steam is used to repair. Once the packer is removed after this, the installation of a brand new pipeline junction is complete. Bonus is no property damage.

Robotic Cutting

The state of the art technology that makes the operation easier. High pressure jets are most often used for all pipe repairs but sometimes they are unable to penetrate everything. The robotic cutting equipment has a precision that can help with complicated pipe junction repairs.

Blocked Drains

Blocks big or small leave one with disrupted water supply. These blocks can be caused by tree roots, cooking oil, sanitary pads, rubber duck and any foreign object. While professional help can certainly be availed, some rudimentary errors can be avoided. Keeping the pipe clean and being mindful of possible obstructions like tree roots is a great place to start.

Drain Inspections

For a first timer, understanding the why, what, who, where, which and how of the blocked sewer pipe can be pretty confusing. The drain inspection can be done in no time with Sydney’s experts.

Having plumbers that could improve one’s living conditions is an unspoken boon.

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