What to Look for in a Fob Watch?

A watch is essential for all nurses to check blood pressure or pulse rate. A reliable timekeeping device is also needed to provide treatment on schedule or give medicines to the patient. However, a nurse or fob watch is different from any other watch, with numerous attributes to watch out for. So, the watch you buy must serve the purpose of accurate timekeeping and look stylish. 

To find the best timepiece for accomplishing your tasks, ensure your watch has the following.

Water resistance

Healthcare professionals wash their hands 100 times in a 12-hour shift. And, you don’t want to worry about your watch getting wet whenever you clean your wrists or scrub your hands. So, it is best to pick a water-resistant timepiece.

Most fob watches are water resistant, and the resistance is measured in terms of millimetres of water it can handle in 24 hours. Needless to say, a water-resistant watch will last long. So, don’t forget to check the air-tight sealing of the watch to ensure a waterproofing guarantee.

Ease of cleaning

Most fob watches have metal bands or silicone straps. Hence, the materials are not as absorbent as fabric bands. A non-absorbent surface is ideal for such watches as there are fewer ways for bacteria to sneak in.   

Fob watches are usually round, and the lack of pointed or hard edges ensures that the bacteria do not remain hidden, which enhances convenient cleaning. 

Cleaning stainless steel or silicone bands is extremely easy. All you need is need soap and water. Also, it dries up in just a few minutes, while fabric bands can take hours to dry.

Simple and lightweight

You want a fob watch that is simple and easy to carry during a shift. Chunky watches will likely get caught in dirty linens or patients’ sleeves. Also, they are heavier, and you may regret carrying them throughout your 12-hour shift. 

The best nurse watch should be lightweight with a low profile blending perfectly with your uniform. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t add some personal touch to the watch. 

A second hand

Look for fob watches with a second hand. This will help you take the patient’s vital signs in seconds.

The analogue fob watches available in the market have a second hand so you can see when to stop and start. But some nurses prefer using digital watches which do not display seconds. So, if you want one, find a brand that shows hours, minutes, and seconds. 


Using a watch that lights up increases convenience when working the night shift. With such watches, you can check the vital signs or adjust IVs without turning on the light. 

The types of luminescence you get are many. Some watches light the entire surface while some light up the hands. You can also get some that glow all the time, while some need pushing a button. 

If you don’t work night shifts, luminescence is not a priority. However, it is a nice additional feature that can come in handy if caught in the dark. 

When shopping for nurse watches, ensure they have all the features to accomplish your professional needs but still give you scope to experiment with design and colour options. You can try out different colours like lime green, neon green, pink, and baby blue. If you want a sturdy and understated style, you can use metallic watches that come as belt clips, necklaces, or carabiners.

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