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Wondering What’s Involved In A Social Media Audit? Turn To NetBase Quid

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For businesses big and small in today’s corporate world, being successful on social media is a must. From knowing the best type of digital marketing campaign to use to understanding how to keep a company’s brand popular with consumers, these and other questions can usually be answered by relying on a social media audit. But since this concept if quite new to most businesses, they have little if any idea regarding the key components of such an audit. If you think it’s time to delve deeper into what’s working and what’s not with your company’s social media strategies, turn to NetBase Quid.

Competitive Intelligence

While you of course want to know what your company is doing right in terms of social media, you also want to gain insight into what your competitors are doing that is helping them maintain high degrees of customer satisfaction. To do so, part of your company’s social media audit should include an emphasis on competitive intelligence. In essence, this lets you use various aspects of your social media audit to get a real-time view into your competition’s social media strategies. Once this information becomes available to you and can be analyzed, you can analyze how the media covers your competitors, identify industry trends, and position your company to take full advantage of any competitive opportunities that appear.

Making Smart Market Research Decisions

While many businesses simply think they can go onto any social media network and automatically be successful, smart companies know it doesn’t work that way at all. In fact, success comes down to who makes the smartest decisions regarding their market research. Once you start the steps to begin a social media audit, you can work closely with the experts at Netbase Quid to identify certain companies and topics that are gaining influence within your industry. Along with this, you can detect gaps within your own social media strategy, profile your target audience for maximum effectiveness, and better position your company to capitalize on popular trends.

Perception of Your Brand

Of course, if your company’s brand is not perceived well by consumers, all the social media strategizing in the world won’t help you overcome negative perceptions of potential customers. Therefore, it is absolutely essential your brand’s health be protected in every way possible. By choosing to perform a social media audit, this can be accomplished. Once the audit begins, you can use the resources of NetBase Quid to analyze high volumes of customer data as it relates to the experiences they had with your products or services. Whether at scale or in real-time, an audit will let you know not only what is being said online about your product, but also how your company can become more visible within your industry.
As a result, you can then begin to shape the conversation in your favor.

Trend Analysis

While it’s one thing to be able to spot trends as they are beginning to take hold with consumers, it’s another thing to be able to analyze those trends to determine how they can best help you and your company. By working with NetBase Quid on a social media audit, you can do just that and more. Along with tracking social media conversations about your products, you can also monitor consumer passion for your product. Ultimately, this lets you maximize your social media marketing campaign to get the best bang for your buck. Since there are many important components to audits involving social media, turn to experts who have years of experience in this area. By relying on NetBase Quid, you’ll get the results you seek.

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